Image of the cover of Skor's E.P. Long Way Home
Cover concept and art by John Bleau

Skor News

4/7/11 - O.K. as promised, new content. Actually, it's really old content. :) Go to Skor's BandCamp page to listen to and download their ...long way home release for free! Enjoy your trip into the past.

3/27/11 - Well, it's been awhile. We've updated a few things around here including the site itself. We'll be adding more content shortly so be sure to check back.

So, do you remember Skor? Do you remember those crazy parties at 1211 Ferndale!? No? Well, if you don't, you were either drinking or smoking too much in the mid to late 80s or you didn't attend M.S.U. and live in Brody complex back then. That's o.k., we'll catch you up.

Skor was originally formed by two guys from Detroit, who hadn't previously known each other, and two brothers from Jackson, Michigan, who did know each other. They played shows wherever they could get gigs, which mostly amounted to house parties, but also included clubs like Rick's in East Lansing, Michigan.

Membership of the band changed a lot over time and eventually included seven people, not including everyone who "sat in" for a show or two. Along with the membership changes, came style changes. Basically, depending on when you saw the band, they were heavy metal, L.A. rock, new wave, pop or original. Sometimes they could be all of these rolled into one! Very confusing, but a lot of fun.

Highlights for the band included recording and releasing a five song E.P. called "...long way home," see image at left. Getting tons of radio play on the then fledgling FM radio station WDBM. Having two videos produced, neither of which were ever released. And performing at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Lansing, Michigan when it was still a metal club.