Track List

  • Rhapsody in Q - Apothecary
  • Too - Canopic Jars

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    Rhapsody in Q
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  • Rhapsody in Q / Too

    Question of Honour's second download-only single
    Released: November 27, 2010


    Hugh Wygmans - Vocals and Guitars
    Dave Wygmans - Drums and Vocals
    Ken Pitchford - Bass Guitar and Vocals

    Additional Voices for the Ogre Battle Roar on “Rhapsody in Q:” Amberly Hungerford, Brent Ochiai, Joshua Wahl, Zachary Wahl and Marty Wygmans.

    Cover concept: Marty Wygmans
    Background photo by Marty Wygmans.

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