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Executioner's Song / Tonight (The Carbon Wars)
Released May 19, 2015

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5/16/15 - We're going to be releasing a new single featuring Huetensil's songs Tonight and Executioner's Song on May 19, 2015.  Get a sneak peak with the music player above.  Over 60 radio stations have played songs from Huetensil's album Black & White!

3/2/15 - Huetensil's debut album "Black & White" was released today along with the single "Want Too Much / Last Night!"  21 radio stations have already been playing songs from "Black & White!"  Check out teasers of the single using the player above and visit the stores that are carrying Black & White!

1/27/15 - The new Huetensil / Question of Honour single that we've been talking about was released today!  Check it out with the player above and get your own copy from BandCamp!

1/20/15 - We're going to be releasing a new single featuring Huetensil's new song "King" and Question of Honour's "Power" January 27, 2015.  Get a sneak peak with the music player above.

12/11/14 - Question of Honour has a new simplified web-site and a new music player.  It should be more compatible to mobile devices.  Check it out!

10/9/14 - You may have noticed a few changes around here.  The anniversary of the release of Huetensil's recordings of "Voulez-Vous" and "She's Not There" is coming up at the end of this month.  That means that the licenses for the songs are running out.  The distributor has begun the process of removing the songs from the different stores where they're available.  Get them now while you still can!

12/10/13 - We've got a little news for you.  We released a new Huetensil single back on October 31, 2013!  It features Huetensil doing his own versions of ABBA's "Voulez-Vous" and The Zombies' "She's Not There."  Check them out on the music player above.
These songs have been featured on over 30 stations so far!

4/25/13 - We've got a couple of things that we'd like to let you know about.  First, today is the official release date of Huetensil's new E.P., Maybe It's Time!  You can listen to the songs and download the E.P. from the music player above.
Second, songs from this E.P. have already been played on over 40 radio and internet stations!

3/14/13 - We just released Huetensil's latest single this morning!  You can check both songs out by using the music player above.  The first song, “Last Night,” is an alternative rock song about Leah Scapehouse, a young woman trying to figure out where she belongs in the world.  “Maybe It’s Time” is an indie pop rock song that’s also a modern protest song.  It chronicles the slow but steady erosion of rights and protections by government and asks the question, “Is it time to change things?”

11/6/12 - We released a new single a few weeks back featuring two new songs by Huetensil.  You can check them out by using the music player above.  "Wake Me Up" is a punk pop song that tells a disturbing story of a person who appears to be in a coma.  Kind of an analogy for people who refuse to give up.   In contrast, the indie rock song “Fear and Longing” is more of an emotional piece. Huetensil tries to illicit turmoil, uncertainty and violence.

5/10/12 - We just released a new single featuring Question of Honour's songs "Know Go" and "Laughing & Crying."  You can check them out using the music player above.  "Know Go" is a dark David Bowie inspired tune that has maybe a little Ozzy thrown in.  The poppier "Laughing & Crying" is a wistful look to a past relationship.  The cool thing about this single is that you can get it free for the next 30 days from Question of Honour's BandCamp page!
Voting for the Indaba/Sony Janis Joplin remix contest ended yesterday.  Huetensil's "Meltdown" remix of Joplin's song "Move Over" tied for 26th place with two others out of 179 entrants!  Thank you to everyone who listened, voted, left comments and especially those who shared it with their friends!  Thank you, thank you!  :)  If you missed it, you can still listen to it from Huetensil's site.

2/11/12 - We just released a new single featuring Question of Honour's songs "Addicted" and "I'm Gonna."  Check them out using the music player above.  Until the end of February you can get yourself a copy of the single for free from QoH's BandCamp web-page.

12/8/11 - Question of Honour's new single "Talk" was released today along with the B side "Alone!"  Check it out near the top of this page.  To get a free copy just go to QoH's BandCamp web-page.  You'll need to provide a valid e-mail address and postal code which will be added to our mailing list.  Free downloads end January.  Merry Clausemas!
Thanks for listening!

12/04/11 - All of Question of Honour's CD's went on sale at CDBaby earlier this month.  In addition, if you buy more than one of any QoH album you'll get an additional 20% off!  So buy one for yourself while you're getting that special someone theirs.  Sale ends the first of January.

11/11/11 - We've just released a new Huetensil video for his song "Singin' on the Levy!"  Visit his site to watch it.

10/13/11 - If you weren't aware, last month a devastating flood hit Broome county, New York.  Fortunately, no one was killed, but many people here lost everything.
Fifteen local solo artists and bands, including Question of Honour, have donated a song to a compilation album called The Raft which has been released through BandCamp.com.  The money raised through the sale of this album and the individual songs will be divided between CHOW (Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse) and the Owego Revitalization and Betterment Corporation.  The cost of the album is only ten dollars.  Support this cause and get some great tunes to boot!  Thank you.

10/5/11 - Through the month of October we're running a contest.  One lucky winner will win a complete set of Question of Honour compact discs!  The package includes Question of Honour's three albums Apothecary, Bound and Canopic Jars along with their maxi-singles Classic and lost (determined) and their E.P. Canopic Jars .5.  That's six compact discs in all!
To enter, send an e-mail with the subject line "Contest Entry" to QoH@StrangeHues.com. Include your first and last name and the answers to the following three questions...
    1.  Who are the three members of Question of Honour?
    2.  What is the quote that shows up in the video for Question of Honour's
         song "Lost?"
    3.  What is your favorite Question of Honour song?  (There's no wrong
         answer here as long as you name one of THEIR songs.)  :)
The Fine Print (Contest Rules)
    1.  One entry per person.
    2.  Members of Question of Honour and their families are not eligible.
    3.  Submitted e-mail addresses will be added to our Strange Hues mailing list.
    4.  The winner will be randomly selected from all of the entries that include a
         name and the correct answers to all three questions.
    5.  The winner will be announced in our next newsletter and on our official
Good luck to everybody in the contest!
Thanks for listening.
~ Hugh a.k.a. Huetensil

9/1/11 - Question of Honour's new single, "I Don't Know," was released today along with the B side "Lost!"  The artwork for the single features an homage to Queen's first album.  To get a free copy just go to QoH's BandCamp web-page.  You'll need to provide a valid e-mail address and postal code which will be added to our mailing list.
Thanks for listening!

7/29/11 - O.K., I've gotten a little behind on keeping things updated around here. Sorry about that.
We released a new Question of Honour single back on July 17, 2011. It features their songs "So She Sleeps" and "I Want Out." To get a free copy just go to QoH's BandCamp web-page. You'll need to provide a valid e-mail address and postal code which will be added to the Strange Hues mailing list.
Thanks for listening!

6/16/11 - Huetensil's new single, Singin' on the Levy, was released today along with the "B side" Or Isn't this a Dream! To get a free copy just go to Huetensil's BandCamp web-page. You'll need to provide a valid e-mail address and postal code which will be added to the Strange Hues mailing list.
In a related story, Huetensil has a new web-site that you can check out. All of his songs are posted there for you to listen to.

6/5/11 - Paul Wisdom, Presenter for British Forces Broadcast Service, aired Question of Honour's song My Apothecary! The BFBS is heard in over 20 countries!

5/31/11 - We're giving away 100 copies of Question of Honour's maxi-single Lost (Determined)! That's not all, the first 7 people to send their request will get one of three stickers which feature a member of QoH!
There are two different ways that you can order your free CD.
Method 1: Send an e-mail to Hugh@StrangeHues.com and include the following information: your name, address, city, state, and zip-code.
Method 2: Fill out this order form and mail it to the address listed there. We'll mail the CD's out as soon as we get your request!
The Rules: You will be added to our mailing list. The CD’s will be mailed on a first come, first served basis. Sorry, but we can only ship to addresses in the United States. Only one free CD per address.

5/17/11 - O.K. I just ran across a review of QoH's Apothecary yesterday that was published back in October of last year! I know, bad Hugh. It's so hard to stay on top of things when you're doing it all yourself. Anyway, it appears on page five of the October 14 - November 24, 2010 issue of UpstateLIVE. It's a well written review, though not the most positive that QoH has had. You've got to take the bad with the good, right? :)

5/13/11 - Voting for the Indaba TRON remix contest ended yesterday. Huetensil's "Fractures" remix of Daft Punk's song "End of Line" tied for 142nd place with eight others out of 891 entrants! At one point during the contest reaching as high as 118th place. Not bad for his first remix!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for it! :) Didn't get to hear it? Visit Huetensil's Indaba page to check it out.

4/28/11 - Huetensil's first project, his remix of Daft Punk's song, End of Line, released today! Check it out and vote for it!

4/1/11 - Hi there!
You may have noticed that we've rearranged things around here. We're preparing for some new projects that will be coming your way. Question of Honour's site is still here. You just have to click through to get to it. Be sure to stop by every once in a while to see what's new!
Thanks for listening!

2/23/11 - Question of Honour's new single featuring their songs "My Apothecary" and "Last Prisoner" released today!

11/27/10 - Question of Honour's new single featuring their songs "Rhapsody in Q" and "Too" released today!

11/16/10 - To date, thirty eight radio and internet stations have aired music from Question of Honour's album, "Apothecary!" Including the United States, QoH has been heard in six different countries! "Apothecary" has also gotten a lot of great press!

10/13/10 - Question of Honour's new single featuring their songs "Classic" and "Let's Be Friends" released today!

3/19/10 - Question of Honour's new album, "Apothecary," and their new maxi-single, "Classic," released today! Woooo Hoooo!!! ;) Also in the good news department, as of this morning, there are nine radio and internet stations airing songs from QoH!

1/5/10 - In preparation for the release of Question of Honour's new album, we're releasing a new single of their classic song "Please." It features three different versions of the song. The album version from "Canopic Jars," a re-mix done by our good friend Joe Griffin for QoH's "Lost (determined)" maxi-single and a previously unreleased live version!

3/16/09 - I returned home early last week from Colorado and then Michigan. That was a drive! Still settling back in. Dave, Ken and I managed to get the basics for the last six songs recorded. The sessions went great. We also found some time to catch up and have a little fun! Now I just have to record my bits.

6/14/05 - The film Temporary Girl, which features a song by Question of Honour and a song by Skor, was released on DVD today by Genius Entertainment in a special arrangement with iFILM.

5/16/03 - Music from Question of Honour's second album Bound has been played on over one hundred radio stations across the United States and Canada! Their songs have also made it onto the top 30 charts of six radio stations and the top 10 loud rock chart of an additional station.

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